What is a Select Member?

The Select Member stamp indicates that the holder is an active member of USA 500 Clubs®.  Only active members may display this stamp.  Any unauthorized use is forbidden by law.

Select Members of USA 500 Clubs® have immediate access to approximately 500 high-level professionals in their own region, as well as access to other regions where USA 500 Clubs exist.  The membership of USA 500 Clubs® has vetted professionals in the legal, accounting, banking, mergers & acquisitions, financial, public relations & marketing, human resources, and consulting professions.  Select Members' access provides them and their relationships with unparalleled professional resources.

USA 500 Clubs® are regional communities of up to 500 professionals who have committed to sharing personal and professional resources, knowledge, experience, and relationships for the betterment of each other and each other's clients, associates, family, and friends. Selflessness is a critical component of membership.

Becoming a Select Member of USA 500 Clubs® , requires that a prospect must go through an eight-step vetting process which generally* requires:

  1. All members must complete a thorough membership application/profile;
  2. Sponsorship by a member, Emeritus member, or former member in good standing, is required. The sponsor's name remains a visible part of the member profile for the duration of membership;
  3. A letter of recommendation by the sponsoring member is visible for all members to review for the length of membership;
  4. A review and approval by an administrator must be completed to gauge, verify, and note the (in)consistency of a potential member's social media and website to his or her application/profile for membership, as well s to our expectations and needs;
  5. A review and approval of the prospective member's application/profile by a regional executive to evaluate the appropriateness of profession and experience level against the needs of the organization and its members;
  6. A review and approval of the prospective member's application by the Group Facilitator of the club to which they applied.
  7. A 90-day guest period, during which the prospects must attend a minimum of two meetings, at which they are matched with experienced members for the purpose of becoming familiar with the prospect;
  8. Approval to join by the Group Facilitator of the club applied for;

To learn more about the professional you are working with or to search for other Select Members, please click the search button below. You may also ask the professional you are working with for recommendations!

*Some steps may be waived by approval of the regional executive.