About Us

At USA 500 Clubs, you will experience a high-level association of professionals, but we check all egos at the door. Our membership consists of attorneys, CPAs, financial professionals, select consultants, and other trusted advisors. While we respect every occupation, our platform does not support most "vendor" categories: home improvement; residential sales & financing; office equipment sales; auto insurance, etc. Our events and exercises are designed to get to know fellow members’ business profile, but also the person behind the professional biography. We take great pains to create lively and interactive events, all designed to build relationships in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

As unconventional as it may sound, we take great pride in one common occurrence at our meetings: Laughter. It’s common to hear laughs at our meetings — a testament to an environment that makes networking fun and fruitful.

At USA 500 Clubs, we understand there is a time and a place for internet "networking,” but we believe in the old-fashioned meet-and-greet. So we disfavor aggressive soliciting, rapid-fire business card exchanges and unsolicited newsletters. There are no requirements when it comes to referring businesses. We want to provide an exemplary environment where business will happen organically.

To create a vibrant, collegial and warm community that results in enhanced business opportunities and elevated profiles for our members. To strategically recruit a dynamic, elite group of professionals drawn largely from the professional-advisor arena — but also centers of influence in the business, philanthropic, governmental and educational communities.

Selectivity: We are committed to developing groups with only highly respected and influential professionals.

Connectivity: We are committed to maintaining a robust platform through which our members can develop meaningful relationships, build trust, and share professional insight.

Productivity: We are committed to the concept that by being selective with our membership and creating a platform to develop meaningful relationships, our members will be more productive in their professional lives.

Some of the benefits of the organization are apparent: access to high quality trusted advisors and Centers of Influence; business opportunities; learning opportunities; and developing key strategic relationships. The USA500 Clubs also offers the following:

  • Technology tools and applications to share opportunities and resources (customizable v-cards, SMS codes)
  • Forums to instantly share and receive business opportunities with all members
  • Discounted costs from select vendors/clubs
  • An “OfficeShare” system of making space available
  • Free subscriptions to select regional business publications
  • Media leads to enhance your reputation as an expert in your field
  • Paid consulting opportunities as a Subject Matter Expert
  • “Roundtables" for peer-to-peer interaction and sharing
  • Common Interests Groups for members who share a common passion
  • Social events
  • Participation in a monthly Mergers and Acquisitions Collaborative;
  • Participation in a monthly Special Needs and Elder Care Consortium;
  • Access to non-profit leaders through our 501(c)(3) Giving Circle;
  • An invitation to our Night of 500 Stars Annual Gala
And we encourage our members to make suggestions for more practical tools!


USA500 Club is committed to providing equal opportunity for all members without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, disability, political affiliation, personal appearance, family responsibilities, matriculation or any other characteristic. Each applicant and member should be evaluated equally on the basis of personal skill, merit and interest and should participate in the organization equally on the basis of personal skill, merit and interest.