Application Process & Disclosures

Please read the following before proceeding to the next step.

Thank you for your interest in exploring membership with USA 500 Clubs. Before you complete the guest membership application, please know that must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for membership:

  1. You must be sponsored by a current member, or by a former member who left in good standing.
  2. You must have at least 10 years of experience in your chosen field.
  3. You must be at senior, partner, or director level status.
  4. If you are a wealth advisor, you must have a minimum of $250M AUM.

Should you have any questions about these requirements, please reach out to Laurin Johnson, the Membership Development Director (

Important Instructions:

  1. When completing the Guest Membership Application, we recommend that you do NOT use Internet Explorer. Currently, Internet Explorer is being phased out and Microsoft is not going to be providing updates for IE browsers. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, Chrome being the preferred browser.
  2. If you know you are entering a password that fits the requirements below, please ignore the red dialog regarding the password. That dialog is always displayed as a reference for anyone creating a password. It does NOT mean your password is incorrect. 
  3. When entering your website URL into the Website Field below, be sure you are adding http:// at the beginning of the URL. For example, our website URL is however, when I enter it into the Website field, I have to enter
  4. There are required fields that need to be addressed before you can submit the application successfully. The required fields are marked with red asterisks (*). Be sure you are addressing all required fields before submitting the application.
  5. It should only take you a couple of minutes to complete your profile. However, it is important to complete the application within 45 minutes, start to finish. If you start the application, only to get pulled away, when you come back to pick up where you left off, the website will time out after 45 minutes.  This 45 minute time period begins when you land on the web page with the profile information. Therefore, the application will not submit successfully if you take longer than 45 minutes.

If you feel you have noted all the steps above, and are still not able to submit the Application for Guest Membership, please feel free to reach out to Jenn Rivera ( 

Thank you for your interest and time. We understand that you may only be exploring our organization.  We are so confident in the quality of our clubs, we are willing to offer qualified candidates up to 90-days, free, to fully explore not only the club they are interested in, but any and all other clubs.  If you decide that the USA 500 is not for you, simply tell us and we will close your “account” down and wish you only the best of luck. Please Note: By clicking on "Acknowledge & Proceed" you agree that the information you enter, on the application, is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. 

We do, however, have a few simple requirements before you will be offered the 90-day gratis membership:

  1. Please complete our obligation-free preliminary questionnaire. It is required to visit a club meeting. The preliminary questionnaire is very simple and will take less than three minutes to complete.
  2. Upon receipt, we perform a three-point review of the questionnaire: we assess your profession and years of experience against the needs of the organization; we confirm you have a member-sponsor; we review your website and other social media. You may receive a call from the executive in charge of your region to discuss the best club for your needs and for our purposes.
  3. If approved, you will be offered our 90-day Guest Membership, gratis.
    1. You will receive an invitation/link for the next three meetings of the club you selected as your primary club. YOU MUST ATTEND TWO OF THREE MEETINGS IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR FULL MEMBERSHIP. If you cannot attend two of the three for whatever reason, please let us know and we will adjust your guest membership period to accommodate your schedule.
    2. During the Guest Membership, you are welcomed as a full member and may attend any and all meetings and social events (you are not restricted to your “home chapter.”) You may also use our website tools freely during your 90-day membership.
    3. The preliminary profile you completed will expand to ask several more questions about your practice, clientele, desired practice, years in practice, license information, etc.  YOU MUST COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR FULL MEMBERSHIP.  TO COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE, YOU WILL NEED TO UPLOAD YOUR HEADSHOT AND ADDRESS ALL THE REQUIRED FIELDS, WHICH ARE MARKED WITH A RED ASTERISK.
    4. WINK 101 is a training, we offer that will teach you how to navigate our website, and take advantage of the different tools and features that our website offers.  This live online training is typically offered on the first and third Monday of every month from 9:45 am - 12:00 pm.  YOU MUST TAKE OUR WINK 101 TRAINING DURING YOUR 90-DAY GUEST MEMBERSHIP IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR FULL MEMBERSHIP.
    5. We will request a letter of recommendation directly from your sponsor. Your sponsor's name and letter (if applicable) will be attached to your public profile for all members to see.
  4. During your guest membership, we will make the decision to offer you membership or not. If we extend and you accept an invitation to join, your new membership date will be effective as of the expiration of your Guest Membership date. Thus, you effectively get a 15-month initial membership for the cost of 12.

If this sounds too deliberate, it is because we take our vetting process seriously.  Don’t worry!  We will walk you through the entire process!

Some of the benefits of the organization are apparent: access to high quality trusted advisors and Centers of Influence; business opportunities; learning opportunities; and developing key strategic relationships. The USA500 Clubs also offers the following:

  • Technology tools and applications to share opportunities and resources (customizable v-cards, SMS codes)
  • Forums to instantly share and receive business opportunities with all members
  • Discounted costs from select vendors/clubs
  • An “OfficeShare” system of making space available
  • Free subscriptions to select regional business publications
  • Media leads to enhance your reputation as an expert in your field
  • Paid consulting opportunities as a Subject Matter Expert
  • “Roundtables" for peer-to-peer interaction and sharing
  • Social events
  • Participation in a monthly Mergers and Acquisitions Collaborative;
  • Participation in a monthly Special Needs and Elder Care Consortium;
  • Access to non-profit leaders through our 501 Giving Circle;
  • An opportunity to speak at the USA500 Club’s TedX event;
  • An invitation to our Night of 500 Stars Annual Gala
And we encourage our members to make suggestions for more practical tools!
  • I will exhibit a spirit and philosophy of giving.
  • I will make best efforts to help fellow members build their clientele and otherwise advance professionally.
  • I will treat all members with professionalism and respect.
  • I will follow both the letter and the spirit of the anti-discrimination policy.
  • I will take pride in being part of my chapter and the organization.
  • I will think of the organization as an important and enjoyable part of my professional life - not just another commitment.


USA500 Club is committed to providing equal opportunity for all members without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, disability, political affiliation, personal appearance, family responsibilities, matriculation or any other characteristic. Each applicant and member should be evaluated equally on the basis of personal skill, merit and interest and should participate in the organization equally on the basis of personal skill, merit and interest.