Rules of the USA 500 Clubs Road

To Which You Are Bound

Members of The USA 500 Clubs are intended to be a paradigm of trusted advisors acting with the highest standards of professionalism, judgment and discretion, and providing one another with top level resources, services, skills and accountability.  These values are emphasized in our constant collaboration and sharing of ideas and clients.  Consistent with these concepts, the following principles guide us:

  • Respect and Collaboration:  we treat one another respectfully at all times, and we value different viewpoints and diversity among us, whether based on gender, race, age, religion, sexual preference, culture, disability, or political views or any other category protected by law)
  • Responsiveness and Professionalism:  we respond to members in need and the professional community at-large as swiftly as possible, with top level resources, and with professional skill.
  • Judgment and Discretion:  we address all matters with sound judgment and measured discretion.
  • Confidentiality and Integrity:  we stay trusted because we understand the importance of confidentiality regarding matters we handle, and we are honest and ethical in our behavior, truthful and fair.
  • Responsibility and Accountability:  when we accept responsibility, we assume accountability

A Special Note About Confidentiality

At meetings, in talking with fellow USA 500 Clubs colleagues, and on the USA 500 Clubs website, you will have access to substantial confidential, proprietary and trade secret information of The USA 500 Clubs, regardless of whether it is marked as such.  This includes, but is not limited to, member data, member or prospect contact information in list or other coagulated form, website functionality, and website information accessible by “members only” such as the ROCK Wall, DTQ ideas, and meeting ideas.  You may use the organization’s confidential, proprietary and trade secret information only for the benefit of The USA 500 Clubs, and to foster and develop your membership benefits privileges with The USA 500 Clubs, and not for any other purposes.  You may not disclose the organization’s confidential, proprietary and trade secret information to any third parties, or show it to any third parties without the express written permission of the Chief Executive Officer of The USA 500 Clubs organization.  You may not use it for your own individual purposes either without such express written permission.  Further, you may not use the organization’s confidential, proprietary and trade secret information for any purposes that will (or that could) harm the goodwill, brand name, or inherent value of The USA 500 Clubs organization. 

An example may help you appreciate your obligation.  As a member of The USA 500 Clubs organization, you have access to member contact information, or prospect contact information which, as a stand-alone list or in coagulated form is highly confidential.  You may not use such information (or provide to another to use) for individual or corporate purposes including, without limitation, mass mailings of information or newsletters, solicitations of business, or diversion of resources or members.  In contrast, please do feel free to use The USA 500 Clubs organization’s member information to solicit assistance or introductions, and please do so through website approved channels (the ROCK Wall).  You should not circumvent the ROCK Wall by creating or downloading lists of members and, for example, emailing all lawyers, all financial professionals, or any other type of subgroup of professionals directly.  The USA 500 Clubs member and prospect list is for use by officers, owners, members, managers or employees of The USA 500 Clubs only.

How We Value Your Privacy

You provide The USA 500 Clubs with personal information when you join.  That is part of the process of becoming a member and it occurs when you submit your profile information.  We do our best to keep that information confidential, and we expect members with access to that information to keep it confidential as well, much as we state through the example above. 

The USA 500 Clubs will not share your personal information with any third party, or any vendors (other than information technology, website vendors who have their own obligation of confidentiality) and will protect it as carefully as possible in collaboration with the host of our website, “Yourmembership.com,” and consistent with their policies and promises.  Rest assured, we do not (and Yourmembership.com does not) rent or sell your information to third parties for marketing purposes. 

We do not plan to be a part of any court proceedings but, if one occurs, and membership information is requested and commanded by subpoena, court orders, or other legal process, we reserve the right to produce this information, taking steps to maintain its confidentiality in doing so. 

If another entity or person were interested in purchasing the organization or making an investment in it, or if there were some other corporate transaction of note including, without limitation, a merger or bankruptcy, subject to a non-disclosure agreement and/or such other protections we could obtain, we may also share confidential information in that context. 

Our website has systems which enable payment by credit card.  All credit card information is obtained in a secure manner, using secure encryption techniques that protect against credit card information disclosure or theft.  That said, no information transmitted over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure and you should only provide credit card information if you are comfortable with the risks of doing so that exist in commerce these days.

Limitation of Liability/Dispute Resolution

You agree that any claim you may have against The USA 500 Clubs under any legal theory shall be subject to a limitation of liability limited to the value of your annual dues, but only if fully paid at the time of the claim.  If not fully paid, this limitation of liability shall be fifty dollars ($50.00).  The USA 500 Clubs shall not be liable to you for any other damages, incidental, consequential, or punitive.  If you bring an action against The USA 500 Clubs organization for any reason, or based on any type of claim, you are bound to do so in arbitration, under the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association, and to do so individually.  You may not bring or participate in a class or representative action.  By agreeing to an arbitration, please be advised that YOU ARE WAIVING ANY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL.