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"500" explains a key element of our vision: To bring together 500 trusted professionals in any given community. We envision ever-improving regional clubs which, given the nature of exclusivity, will attract the best advisers from a limited list of professions. Rather than focusing on growth, we focus on quality! The NE, NYC, DC, or other acronyms preceding the number 500 simply describes the region the club is in.

Attorneys, accountants, commercial bankers, private bankers, wealth advisors, For-profit & Non-profit C-suite executives, financial service providers , commercial insurance advisers, HR consulting advisers, community leaders, academics, media representatives, and others of similar caliber. We are looking for members who have the ability to share commerce, create influence, and/or enhance the reputations of their fellow members.

The quality of our membership is the most obvious differentiator. We accept only prospects who are considered trusted advisers who have the ability to bring insight, commercial opportunities, and influence to a group. We offer unique and innovative technological tools which are designed to create strategic connections among members. We do not settle on meet and greets. Education is a key element of our platform. Our members have the ability to continually improve their collaboration skills via our "Business Bootcamps", taught by members for members!

Definitely. While we appreciate the value and professionalism of any industry, our platform is not designed to support most categories of vendors: residential real estate, construction/home improvement, office equipment, relocation, beauty, clerical services, gem dealers, etc.

No! We will counsel the member to discontinue soliciting. If the behavior continues, we will cancel the offender's membership.

With the exception of our evening meetings and a couple morning meetings, all our meetings meetings run from 7:30 to 8:50AM. We invite all members to arrive as early as 7:00 to enjoy coffee, food, and open mixing.

Lunch and dinner meetings rarely attract focused minds and invite absenteeism. We want our members to be in-and-out before most people start the day. We do offer a couple evening meetings to accommodate members who may have childcare/other responsibilities in the morning.

Yes. With a few exceptions, our members enjoy unlimited visitation privileges to other groups. In fact, we encourage visiting other groups as often as possible. This includes privileges to visit other USA 500 Clubs in different regions. For example, a New England 500 member may visit a NYC 500 chapter!

$1700 a year. Dues include most social events and activities. Some events, however, do have a separate Fee (i.e Golf tournaments, Annual Gala, etc.)

Yes. Part of our mutual vetting process is for you to visit a club at least twice in your 90-day guest membership period.

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Call 617-340-9532: Ext. 2 for David Yas (New England Region), or Ext. 1 for Joe Chatham (New York Region); or by email at David@USA500Clubs.com or Joe@USA500Clubs.com