Membership Information

Thank you for your interest and time. We understand that you may only be exploring our organization.  We are so confident in the quality of our clubs, we are willing to offer qualified candidates up to 90-days, free, to fully explore not only the club they are interested in, but any and all other clubs.  If you decide that the USA 500 is not for you, simply tell us and we will close your “account” down and wish you only the best of luck. 

We do, however, have a few simple requirements before you will be offered the 90-day gratis membership:

  1. Please complete our obligation-free preliminary questionnaire. It is required to visit a club meeting. The preliminary questionnaire is very simple and will take less than three minutes to complete.
  2. Upon receipt, we perform a three-point review of the questionnaire: we assess your profession and years of experience against the needs of the organization; we confirm you have a member-sponsor; we review your website and other social media. You may receive a call from the executive in charge of your region to discuss the best club for your needs and for our purposes.
  3. If approved, you will be offered our 90-day Guest Membership, gratis.
    1. You will receive an invitation/link for the next three meetings of the club you selected as your primary club. YOU MUST ATTEND TWO OF THREE MEETINGS TO QUALIFY FOR MEMBERSHIP. If you cannot attend two of the three for whatever reason, please let us know and we will adjust your guest membership period to accommodate your schedule.
    2. During the Guest Membership, you are welcomed as a full member and may attend any and all meetings and social events (you are not restricted to your “home chapter.”) You may also use our website tools freely during your 90-day membership.
    3. The preliminary profile you completed will expand to ask several more questions about your practice, clientele, desired practice, years in practice, licensure information, etc. Please fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible, including your photo and a company logo.
    4. We will request a letter of recommendation directly from your sponsor. Your sponsor's name and letter (if applicable) will be attached to your public profile for all members to see.
  4. During your guest membership, we will make the decision to offer you membership or not. If we extend and you accept an invitation to join, your new membership date will be effective as of the expiration of your Guest Membership date. Thus, you effectively get a 15-month initial membership for the cost of 12.

If this sounds too deliberate, it is because we take our vetting process seriously.  Don’t worry!  We will walk you through the entire process!

We have high expectations of our members. We know that active participation in a group and adherence to some basic principles will promote value for all members. While we have few actual requirements, we strongly encourage the following:

  • Maintain complete member profile.
  • Attend at least nine regular meetings per year.
  • Actively participate at meetings.
  • Visit other chapters as frequently as one’s schedule allows.
  • Attend social events.
  • Attend "DTQ's" (informal meeting with one, two or three others in the group) as scheduled.
  • Participate in the Business Bootcamp training sessions to maximize opportunities and those of fellow members.*

Q: If I don't have any questions, do I need to read this?

 A: No.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green "Apply for Guest Membership" button!

Q: Why the name?

A: "500" explains a key element of our vision: To bring together 500 trusted professionals in any given community. We envision ever-improving regional clubs which, given the nature of exclusivity, will attract the best advisers from a limited list of professions. Rather than focusing on growth, we focus on quality! The NE, NY, CT, LA, or other acronyms preceding the number 500 simply describes the region the club is in.

Q: What professionals will you consider for membership?

A: Attorneys, accountants, commercial bankers, private bankers, wealth advisors, For-profit & Non-profit C-suite executives, financial service providers, commercial insurance advisers, HR consulting advisers, community leaders, academics, media representatives, and others of similar caliber. We are looking for members who have the ability to share commerce, create influence, and/or enhance the reputations of their fellow members.

Q: What is the difference between USA 500 Clubs and other "networking” organizations?

A: The quality of our membership is the most obvious differentiator. We accept only prospects who are considered trusted advisers and have the ability to bring insight, commercial opportunities, and influence to a group. We offer unique and innovative technological tools which are designed to create strategic connections among members. We do not settle on meet and greets. Education is a key element of our platform. Our members have the ability to continually improve their collaboration skills via our "Business Bootcamps", taught by members for members!

Q: Are there professions you will not accept?

A: Definitely. While we respect every occupation, some of the professions not included in our platform are vendors, residential lenders, realtors, P&C insurers (on the personal side), etc.

Q: Are members allowed to solicit fellow members?

A: No! We will counsel the member to discontinue soliciting. If the behavior continues, we will cancel the offender's membership.

Q: When are your meetings?

A: While the majority of our meetings run from 7:30 to 8:50 am, we do have several that start at a later time, including a few evening meetings. We invite all members to arrive as early as 7:00 to enjoy coffee, food, and open mixing.

Q: Can members visit different clubs?

A: Yes. With a few exceptions, our members enjoy unlimited visitation privileges to other clubs. In fact, we encourage visiting other clubs as often as possible. This includes privileges to visit other USA 500 Clubs in different regions. For example, a New England 500 member may visit a Tri-State 500 club!

Q: What does it cost?

A: Membership dues are $1700 a year. Dues include most social events and activities. Some events, however, do have a separate Fee (i.e Golf tournaments, Annual Gala, etc.)

Q: Can I visit a club before making a decision to join?

 A: Yes. Part of our mutual vetting process is for you to visit a club at least twice during your 90-day guest membership period.

Q: How do I start the process?

A: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green "Apply for Guest Membership" button!  NOTE: The same green button is located on our homepage (, below the Welcome sign.

Q: What if I have a Frequently Asked Question that is not listed here?

A: Please feel free to give us a call at 617-240-9532 (select the extension for the region you are interested in) or submit a "contact us" form. Click Here to submit form